Your Safety

Thanks for riding with us!

Addison Lee and TriStar of North America (owned and operated by RMA Worldwide) are closely monitoring and keeping abreast of the evolving news and guidance related to COVID-19 (referred to as Coronavirus) for many reasons, the primary one is that without you, there is no us.

Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our passengers was part of our DNA long before Covid-19 emerged and we continue to be laser focused on this 24/7/365 because our guiding light continues to shine stronger than ever….and our promise is that you have a safe journey when you are in our care.

We are doing the following at our company to keep you and everyone safe:

As with any situation that may exceptionally impact our service (blizzards, hurricanes, airport closures etc.) we will do our utmost to serve you without issue. We value our relationship and appreciate the opportunity to take care of you whenever and wherever you need us.

We would like to close by asking you to join us in sending thoughts and well wishes to those whose lives are affected by the outbreak of coronavirus, either from a health perspective or an employment hardship.

With gratitude for the choice you’ve made to travel with us on this journey.

Everyone at Addison Lee / TriStar NA